The Elements to a Fast Laptop

As we transition into the new technology age, there is the commonly asked question of,”
Why is my laptop so slow?” There are many reasons to this issue that people don’t know about
or just don’t understand such as the RAM, the processor, or the hard drive speed. Knowing
what these terms mean and learning how to apply it to your laptop will be revolutionary to the
speed of your computer.

The RAM or random access memory is one of the three main components to a fast
computer. The RAM is the time it takes for the computer to deliver the data requested by you to
you, in other words it is the time it takes from the moment you search something to the moment
you get the information. RAM is basically how big your computer’s brain is. If it is big enough,
than it can find information easier, but if it is too small than it will get overwhelmed and become
slow. So you want a perfect amount of RAM so that your computer is fast and efficient, but at
the same time you don’t want too much of it so that you waste it. 2GB is perfect for school
chromebooks that you buy on a budget. 4GB is imprudent for a chromebook, but is the very
least for a Windows computer or something like that. 8GB is superb for Windows computers and
other $300-$700 laptops. 16GB is too much for home computers, but good for medium sized
work laptops. Finally, 32GB is great for computers used in large companies. Most laptops
should have the perfect amount of RAM, but if you do need more RAM you can buy more online
for $20-$200 depending on how much you need. Checking your RAM is a good place to start to
get your computer to run faster.

Another component to the speed of your laptop is the processor. The processor is similar
to the RAM in which it fetches information and basically shows it to the user. Most computers
today uses a multi-core which uses multiple processors to do multiple tasks at once which
results in an enhanced performance. A computer can have up to an 18-core processor. These
processors can range anywhere from $39.99 to about $3,000 depending on how fast and how
much you want to spend. Some computers come with a processor also known as a tower, but
most times you have to buy a separate processor. Because a huge processor isn’t very portable
which is the point of a laptop there are also little cards to insert into your computer to keep your
laptop portable and light.

The final factor of a fast computer is the speed of the hard drive. There are 4 different
types of hard drives with different rates, but they also have different prices. The different types
of hard drives are named by the speeds (Rotations per minute). The different hard drives are
4300 rpm, 5400rpm, 7200rpm, and SSD (Solid State Drive). The first three are the speeds and
the higher the speed the faster the computer, but the SSD hard drives are different. The SSD
hard drives can go up to 1500 rpm which is very fast, but also very expensive. The first three
hard drives range in price from $40 to $80 while the SSD hard drives are around $100. You also
have an option to get an internal or external hard drive. Both of them are in the same price
range as mentioned previously, so the only thing different is that the internal hard drive requires
you to install it inside your computer where the external hard drive only requires you to plug it in.
There is a hard drive for every computer and budget to make your computer faster.

So the next time you go to the store to get a new computer remember to check the RAM,
How big your processor is, and the speed of your hard drive. All of these elements will produce
a fast laptop for a long time.